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“You enter with no hair on your head and leave with a surplus of hair on your head in an hour. Only at Infiniti Hair Club.”

What makes a person look attractive? What do all desire to have with a growing age to be steady and beautiful? Don’t we all love to have silky, soft locks of hair on forever?

Well if all the questions above are a YES! You are on the right to be part of Infiniti Hair Club. Our Non Surgical Hair Replacement is the fastest, efficient and most thorough way to retain your hair. Not only is fast, it also happens to be the easiest to maintain. If you are losing hair, you are just not the only one, as per the recent studies, including the ones by International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) and data from the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India (AHRS India), have found that millennial, especially men, are rapidly losing hair than ever before and inching towards baldness

The age group of 21-30 year suffers from hair loss. In recent years experts claim to see the number is increasingly alarming. But with best care and consultation at Infiniti Hair Club, you can tackle the Hair Loss effectively and professionally.

Before you opt for a Hair Transplant and Non Surgical Hair Replacement, here is A Guide to Everything about Hair transplant and non surgical hair replacement. Our highly trained and specialised technicians provide customised service for the maintenance of the system once a month, to enable you to ←???. A transformation which takes place within a span of a few minutes without the hassle of surgery. So what are you waiting for?

Great hair doesn’t come by chance, it comes to an appointment.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement  – Infiniti Hair Club

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You control the density of your hair on the system depending on your age and personality. You can choose from the various qualities; colour and texture to completely match your natural mane. Check our before/after section

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Best hair patches in Mumbai – Infiniti hair club

We are proud that we have the best hair patches for Women and Men in India. Our hair patches have human hair. Our all patches from California, USA.

You can tell the difference of our patches and all the companies in India, they are some companies in India that give you Hair patches starting at 50,000 inr all the way up to 1.5 lacs and say that they are from abroad and they take 3 months to order this is not true all systems can be ready max within 45 days .No systems should go above 80,000 rupees a system unless it is a customized system.W e at Infiniti hair club guarantee you the best quality hair patches in the country . Our customer are fully satisfied. We can guarantee you that we have the best hair patches in Mumbai as well as Country.

Our Services

Men and women have diversified preferences and specifications. They face various issues when talking about hair, be it a total hair loss, a partial one or a receding hairline. Our hair systems are custom made from the base to fit up to every inch and curve of your head and hair loss pattern.

You can control the density of your hair on the system depending on your age, personality, and preferences. You can choose the best one to suit yourself depending on the quality of the systems.

Select the best system to match the colour and texture of your natural mane.
And it will be crafted specially by us to fulfill your needs and make it like just the way you wanted.


About Us

Our goal is to deliver ongoing, top quality customer support, delivered with compassion and understanding. We provide our clients with confidentiality and sensitivity in dealing with the difficult issue of hair loss and hair replacement.


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