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Hair loss or thinning is the worst nightmare for anyone. It’s true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, mostly due to male pattern baldness.
Using the non surgical hair replacement methods, we at Infiniti Hair Club assure high-quality hair restoration with faster results. By creating 100% customized non-surgical hair replacement system we offer our clients the completely natural look and feel of actual growing hair in style and colour of their choice.

Services Offered

We are renowned for long lasting and non-surgical solutions which are cost effective.
Non surgical hair replacement is an absolute safe method of achieving a head full of hair.
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The process of hair fixing is absolutely harmless – with no side effects at all, and no medication.
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Alopecia could be partial or total, which means the hairloss could be total or in patches.
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Go Bald To Bold In No Time

Get Undetectable Hairline With Non Surgical Hair Systems

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    Have Some Questions ?

    Why choose a hair system over a hair transplant?
    Hair transplants have been around for a long time but they do come with some major risks. The results are not guaranteed, there are many cases of rejections of transplants. In most cases the hair will continue to fall forcing you to get more transplants and spend more important sums of money, leaving more scars on your scalp. You can also only achieve a density of about 50% with a hair transplant while hair systems will give you any desired density between 70% and 130% Our systems are harm less for your head and your scalp. They assure you a thick, healthy looking full head of hair, risk-free, forever.
    Can I shower/swim with the hair system?
    Yes, all our systems can be exposed to water without any problems. The bond is waterproof and you can treat it just like normal hair in the shower. However, if your lifestyle requires you to spend a lot of time with your head wet, ask us for some advice or plan more frequent services.
    Can I have any hair style?
    Yes! The hair system is merged with your natural hair after attaching it to your scalp. Your hair are then styled to suite your needs. So Get inspired, comb it, style it, spike it, that hair is yours and you can finally enjoy any hair styles. We can also give you more advice if you have more precise questions about hair styling. Our team of expert will be very happy to give you tips and tricks.
    How often do I need to have a service/re-groom session?
    The average service/maintenance cycle is 3-4 weeks. Depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences, you may want to get a service sooner than 3 weeks or later than 4 however we do not recommend going further than 6 weeks without refreshing your bond.
    Can I do the service myself?
    You can do your service/maintenance sessions yourself with our home kit. We will provide you complete training as to how the home kit has to be used to service your hair system. We will teach you exactly how to do the maintenance and the services yourself and answer all your questions about it.


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