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    Hair loss the myths vs. The facts- As specialists in non-surgical hair transplants in Mumbai, we know that there’s nothing worse than realizing you’re losing your hair. It’s a frustrating problem that makes you ask, ‘why me?’ Well, you’d be surprised by the number of myths in circulation in response to such a question, ranging from the absurd to the absolutely nonsensical. These myths are often confused with actual fact; so what’s the actual truth behind hair loss?

    Myth: Brushing will lead to growing hair

    Rumour has it that by brushing your hair at least one hundred times a day, you’ll stimulate the circulation in your scalp resulting in healthier hair growth. In fact, brushing too often will lead to damaged hair as well as increasing the chances of hair loss. This myth comes from the idea that brushing helps improve blood flow to the follicles but the truth is, there’s no major difference in scalp circulation.

    Myth: Hair styling solutions will lead to hair loss.

    When it comes to the relationship between hair styling and hair loss, there is both fact and fiction involved. It’s true that certain hair styles such as corn rows and tight ponytails can cause hair loss known as Traction Alopecia because they put unnecessary strain on the hair follicles. But with products such as hair spray and colouring solutions, there’s no truth that they cause hair loss. If used too often, these products can damage the hair strands but the all-important follicles located under the skin remain safe. Also, for anyone thinking that getting your hair cut leads to thicker, longer hair- we’re sorry to say there’s absolutely no truth to this. Everyone has a unique hair cycle which determines the length and thickness of your hair. Your hair cycle is based on both nutritional and hereditary values.

    Myth: Hair dryers are follicular incinerators

    The good news for this is that there’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that hair dryers cause your hair to thin. However, too much drying or too much heat can cause brittle and breakable hair. To avoid this, simply keep your hair dryer at a normal distance and expect nothing more than a head of dry hair.

    Myth: Vitamins and steroids will improve hair growth

    This couldn’t be more false. For one, steroids can, in fact, cause hair loss due to anabolic steroids raising the levels of bald inducing hormones for males. And as for vitamins, while you should be getting your vitamins for your overall health, they have no effect on your hair. Your follicles’ width and length are based on heredity so all those miracle drugs and natural hair loss treatments don’t actually work.

    We hope this has put to rest some of the more ridiculous rumors surrounding hair loss, and you can rest easy being aware of the facts.

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