Hair Patch Glue Vs Hair Patch Clipping Method
Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair Patch Glue Vs Hair Patch Clipping Method

There are various ways to attach your hair patch system. It mainly depends on the base the hair system is built on.

The three most common methods to attach a hair system are :

  • hair clips, 
  • tape, and 
  • hair glue or adhesive.

Hair Patch Clipping Method

A clip-on hair system is an excellent option for people who have lost volume on the top of their heads, but have enough hair for hair clips in the front, back and sides. The system has clips on the underside of the system to attach it to your own hair, which makes it very easy to use.

Many people has the notion that enlightenment is one state. Many also believe that when it is attained, a person is forever in that state.

You can take out the hair patch system at night and put it back in the morning. The life of your hair patch system does become longer if you use clips. Your lifestyle will remain the same if you are on hair clips or on glue or tape there will be no difference at all in your lifestyle.

Hair system is attached to your natural hair with clips

When it comes to hair clips there are a lot of conditions. The clip method can irritate a person at times and it can get a little uncomfortable. With the clip method, you do not have to come in for a service.

The clip method can usually be used on low-density systems and is usually used by the older generations. A lot of hair replacement companies will not tell you this as they just want to make a sale. If you are looking for an easy way out and do not want to come in to service your hair patch then you can go in for a hair system that is on clips. 

High-end hair patch systems cannot be attached to hair clips and there are a lot of reasons for this, once you come in for a consultation, we can show you the difference between a regular hair patch and a high-end patch.

Hair Patch Glue Method

A stick- on hair system is a non- surgical hair replacement system that is attached to the scalp with medical grade glue and tape adhesive. The top of the head is shaved to create a smooth surface for sticking the hair system. 

Medically approved ultra- hold glue is applied around the hairline and the rest of the scalp to create a strong hold for the hair system.

If your priority is more a natural looking hair system than a durable hair system, then a stick- on hair system would be suitable for you.

Hair system is attached with either tape or liquid adhesive

We at Infiniti Hair Club are proud to say that we are the only hair patch company in India that uses high-end hair patches. All our hair patches are made in the USA, we do not carry hair patches that are made in China or Bangladesh. 99.9% of the hair patch companies in India use systems that are made in China or Bangladesh and they look more like wigs and do not have 100 percent natural human hair. That is what makes Infiniti Hair Club different from other hair patch companies in India.

If you are looking for the perfect look where people cannot tell that you are using a hair patch, looking for expert advice where you want to be guided in the right direction then please call us to set up a free consultation.

We will guide you and walk you through the entire process. Once you come in we will be glad to show you the difference between hair clip systems and the hair systems that are on the glue. 

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