How To Deal With Genetic Hair loss
Hair Loss

How To Deal With Genetic Hair loss

Genetic hair loss affects almost 50 percent of all males and almost 40 percent of all females as they grow by their age. It means that if people live long enough then maybe a half of population suffering from thin hair and baldness.

As it is noticed that hair loss mainly begins while at the age of 20s and 30s. This condition is properly known as “androgenetic alopecia”.

Generally, the hair loss pattern in women differs from male-pattern baldness. In men, the hair loss begins with temples and recedes from hairline as it forms as “M” shape. And in women, the hair start becomes thinner from all over of the head and usually, it didn’t recede as men. It also shows that Androgenetic alopecia happens rarely in women which leads to permanent baldness.

Although many kinds of research are happening to know the reason behind it, as many factors are unknown.

Some studies determined that this form of hair loss is generally related to androgens, which is a hormone. Androgens are known as an important factor in both males and females such as regulating the hair growth. It shows that when there is an increased level of androgens then the hair follicles have a short cycle of hair growth as well as the delay in the growth of new hair.


The pattern of Genetic Hair Loss

There are many ways to know the genetic pattern of hair loss especially by determining the thinning of hair at the hairline as well as from the crown area.

Over the time thinning hair expands, recedes from the hairline and it forms a circular crown on it.

So, the final outcome will be shown as a completely bald scalp except for a strip of hair along the back of the head above the nape of the neck. This is one of the most common patterns that male pattern baldness follows as there are other variations also.

Treatment of Genetic Hair Loss

Non-Surgical Treatment Is the Best Cure for Genetic Hair loss

The only way to cure the genetic hair loss is hair replacement. Today due to advancement in technology hair replacement is an easy and effective way to get your hair back fully.

If you really want your appearance back this can be possible only through this. In a hair replacement, there is no age bar in it as well as it is totally a safe process. The hair transplant procedure is done to make you look smart, good hairline with thick density.

Nowadays many people from Mumbai and abroad choose Infiniti hair club for Hair loss treatment in India due to our supreme services and effective technique to fight the problem of hair loss.

You can avail a free consultation to know how our hair replacement technique can work the best for you.

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