Hair Fixing

Hair Fixing

Who doesn’t enjoy a head full of hair. After all that is our crowning glory. Good hair adds to our confidence and our confidence makes the world a better place. And we at Infiniti Hair Club help you achieve just that.

Some of the side effects to hair loss are :

Physical appearance can be bad
You loose your confidence
Self esteem

The Process

The process is rather simple. We take a hair replacement unit, attach it on the hair thinning area, blend it through a hair cut and voila it’s a new you. The process remains the same for all, be it for Men or Women. Moreover Hair Fixing is absolutely harmless – with no side effects at all, and no medication. Further more the results are immediate so you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow.
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Measuring The Bald Area

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Fixing The Hair Patch

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Styling The Hair Patch

There are broadly two methods that are normally adopted to fix a Hair unit

Stick On Hair System

A stick- on hair system is suitable for individuals who do not have adequate hair on the front, back and sides.
The attachment is usually done with help of tapes or glue or a combination of the 2 depending on your lifestyle and preferences.
The top of the head is shaved to create a smooth surface for sticking the non- surgical hair replacement system.
You would need to dedicate about 1 hour of maintenance time with glue hair systems. This can be done either by yourself or by a trained professional.
Clip-On Hair System

Clip On Hair System

If attached on clips, you can take the system off at night and put it back in the morning.
A frequent question that we get asked a lot when it comes to hair fixing is that will it look like a wig if it is on a clip? No, The system will not look like a wig at all.
At Infiniti hair club, our team of professional stylist blend the system into your natural hair in such a way that even if you wear the system a little of the mark, it would still blend perfectly and will look 100% natural.
Our experts will analyse the area of your hair thinning and show you a range of options that are the most suitable for you. Not only that, they will also suggest the best option of attachment based on your lifestyle. Since its a non surgical method, everything happens superficially. We do not make any cuts or cause any pain. All products used are of high quality and best in the business. These are specifically made for hair bonding.


Once attached every system would require maintenance. The service period of a system depends on various factors like how much heat and humidity, a person is exposed to, his/her lifestyle , how much he/she sweats, his/her skin conditions –if its extremely dry or oily, wheather conditions – whether you are in a place which is extremely cold or hot.
However the average service time would be anywhere from 15-30 days.. again this would vary if the person is in extremely cold place. The type of attachment also determines the service period, for eg if a person has attached the system on clips he/she may come occasionally for a haircut as they do not need to get the system removed monthly to refresh the adhesive.

What must something like this cost ?

Once you walk in to infiniti Hair Club for a consultation, upon your hair thinning analysis you will be shown a variety of hair systems best suitable for your thinning type. Each individual has a different need so the cost for hair system will depend on the kind of system you choose .

So what are you waiting for, pick up your phone or send us an e mail to schedule an appointment so we can answer all your questions and give you a demonstration.

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    Have Some Questions ?

    Why choose a hair system over a hair transplant?
    Hair transplants have been around for a long time but they do come with some major risks. The results are not guaranteed, there are many cases of rejections of transplants. In most cases the hair will continue to fall forcing you to get more transplants and spend more important sums of money, leaving more scars on your scalp. You can also only achieve a density of about 50% with a hair transplant while hair systems will give you any desired density between 70% and 130% Our systems are harm less for your head and your scalp. They assure you a thick, healthy looking full head of hair, risk-free, forever.
    Can I shower/swim with the hair system?
    Yes, all our systems can be exposed to water without any problems. The bond is waterproof and you can treat it just like normal hair in the shower. However, if your lifestyle requires you to spend a lot of time with your head wet, ask us for some advice or plan more frequent services.
    Can I have any hair style?
    Yes! The hair system is merged with your natural hair after attaching it to your scalp. You hair are then styled to suite your needs. So Get inspired, comb it, style it, spike it, that hair is yours and you can finally enjoy any hair styles. We can also give you more advice if you have more precise questions about hair styling. Our team of expert will be very happy to give you tips and tricks.
    How often do I need to have a service/re-groom session?
    The average service/maintenance cycle is 3-4 weeks. Depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences, you may want to get a service sooner than 3 weeks or later than 4 however we do not recommend going further than 6 weeks without refreshing your bond.
    Can I do the service myself?
    You can do your service/maintenance sessions yourself with our home kit. We will provide you a complete training as to how the home kit has to be used to service your hair system. We will teach you exactly how to do the maintenance and the services yourself and answer all your questions about it.


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