Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non Surgical Hair Transplant

A revolution in the hair industry, non surgical hair transplant have been a saving grace for thousands of people across cultures, race and age. This is one process which gives 100% guaranteed results immediately.
Hair is a very personal and a sensitive issue. We at, Infiniti Hair Club value that. We empathise with our clients and try our best to understand them correctly, this is why we are known to be the best in the non surgical hair transplant Industry in India. We believe in providing correct facts and restrain from painting a false picture as there is nothing more important to us than an extremely happy client.
Non surgical hair replacement is an absolute safe method of achieving a head full of hair. This does not require you to consume any medicine nor does it have any healing time. Its absolutely safe and risk free. All it does, is boost your confidence, and enhance your personality. To top it all it’s a lot cheaper than surgical hair transplant.

Why is your hair falling out?

In most cases, hair loss is inherited, whether it's male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Other causes of hair loss include:
Hormonal changes (such as pregnancy, menopause, or thyroid issues)
Certain medical conditions (such as alopecia areata or scalp infections)
Side effects of certain medications (such as cancer, arthritis, antidepressants, heart, gout, and hypertension medications)
Radiation therapy
Stress, Inflammation caused by hair treatments
Tight Hairstyles
Dramatic Weight Loss

Who can go in for a Non Surgical Hair Transplant?

In today’s time, people across all ages and sex are experiencing hair loss issue. Kids as young as 15 years to adults of 60 years, be it any gender are going through the same problem. Be it initial hair thinning, partial or full hair loss. Non surgical hair replacement is the solution.
Individuals experiencing early stages of hair thinning
Individuals with partial or complete hair loss
Children and teenagers as young as 15 years old
Older adults or seniors of 70 years and above
The beauty of this line of cosmetic treatment is that it can be done for anyone from a teenager to a 75year old adult. Yes that’s right! We do have clients that age at Infiniti hair club. A lot of young adults come to us and ask us why do they have hair thinning problems at such an early age , well there are several reasons like hereditary, life style, stress, your diet, medical reasons, etc its very difficult to pin point. It starts with this but often leads to depression which then becomes a major contributor of hair loss.
One good thing about hair replacement is that the result is immediate which in turn helps reverse the depression. We have seen a lot of our clients take a 180* turn in their personality. Its amazing to see the positive transformation a person goes through immediately after installing our hair piece. We take pride in sharing the fact that a lot of our clients have found their life partners after wearing our hair pieces. On the other hand, we also have senior citizens come to us for a non surgical hair transplant. Now, hey who doesn’t want to look young now days.


A common question posed to us by our clients regarding non surgical hair transplant is that :
Will i have to compromise on my current lifestyle? Or I workout a lot so will that affect me wearing the hair system? Or I travel a lot, so will I have to remove it?

Well the answer is it will not change your life style. You can continue your physical activities , work out, swim, run, play tennis, travel, do what every you like. On the contrary, in our experience you will be able to do more things, indulge in more socialising, come across more confident, as wearing our hair unit will only add to the feel good factor.


About Non Surgical Hair Systems

Non surgical hair systems are of various types. There is a wide range of variety available that a person can choose from depending on his/her hair thinning and lifestyle preferences. Which means you have systems that you can remove daily, weekly or monthly depending on your comfort. You also have a choice of density ranging from absolutely low to high density systems.
Just like any other product, hair systems also have a life span. Not all systems last for the same amount of time. Each kind of system has its own respective average life span. However how a person uses the system is crucial to ensure a good life span of the hair system. As the longevity depends on the daily handling of the hair piece. In other words there is no fixed duration for the life of a system. We may say that a particular system may last a year but we have had clients who have used the same system for around 3 years.
One of the main reason for the systems to over deliver on the life span is the quality of the hair piece. We at Infiniti Hair club only use top of the line hair system which are made up of 100% natural human hair that also of the top most quality. This is also one of the prime reasons why our systems go unnoticed once you wear it, leave aside feel of it which is absolutely natural.

Products Used

We at infiniti Hair Club believe in quality. Hence every thing that we use, be it the hair systems , adhesives, tapes or be it shampoo and conditioners, every products is of the top most quality and by world renounced companies. The products are hypoallergenic and are made specifically for use on human skin, hence you need not fear about any side effects.
In fact, the beauty about non surgical hair transplant is that there is no side effect. There are no medications or steroids that u need to consume and there is no waiting period – the results are immediate. To top it all once you attach our hair system to meet someone for the first time, they will not be able to tell that you are wearing a hair system. Isn’t it wonderful, you get the look you want, that also immediate, without any side effects or painful procedures and it looks 100 percent natural. Wow, Now that’s very good bargain!

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    How is Infiniti Hair Club different from others?

    Infiniti hair club is a leader in non surgical hair transplant in India and the reason is clear. We pay special attention to each and everyone of our clients. Every- client who goes through the process of system attachment which is supervised personally by none other than our founder Alka Verma . Yes, the final look of every system is approved by Alka Verma herself. To her, every person matters, and nothing makes her happier than a smile that lights up her clients face. She believes that this is a very sensitive aspect and needs personal attention and precision.
    Everyone has an idea of how they want to look and that, is very important to understand and then deliver. Every look is customized as per the person’s personality. Its not just a regular haircut, unlike other places a lot of time is spent on the finishing of the haircut to make sure the blend is just perfect.
    We at Infiniti Hair Club have highly trained technicians and hair stylist to guide you through the entire process of hair replacement, give you a physical demonstration of how a hair system would feel and show you the different types of hair systems. All u need to do is pick up the phone and call us to book you a consultation appointment. Moreover the consultation is absolutely free. So call us and take the first step to transforming yourself to a new you!
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