Hair Replacement in Mumbai


    What exactly is a Hair Replacement system?

    A hair replacement system successfully bridges the gap between surgical transplants and conventional procedures. By creating 100% customized non-surgical hair replacement . We offer our clients the completely natural look and feel of actual growing hair in style and color of their choice. In other words it is made to measure, specific to an individual’s head size, shape, age and preferences. The system is made using the finest quality of hair, which are matched to the individuals natural hair. The technology of crafting creates a perfect fit It allows breathing of the scalp beneath it and allows wearing for 24 hours a day; 7 days a week and up to 4 weeks without even taking it off. The individual can wash it on his/her head while taking a shower.

    Our hair replacement technique enables you to accomplish a head brimming with hair that looks characteristic, sharp and does not limit your way of life. We have an extraordinary framework for breaking down your hair and scalp and detailing a treatment plan for the final product that would suit your desires as far as age and style. Consequently, you can accomplish the ideal look and get a positive outcome with the non-surgical hair replacement procedure. Moreover A hair replacement system does not damage your surrounding hair as you don’t need to weave them through any “fish net” , also the scalp under the System can breathe – so say goodbye to sweaty forehead and discomfort experienced by wearing wigs or so called “ hair systems “ with the base made of the silicon or any other plastic material which prevents breathing of skin under the replacement. For Hair replacement takes less time than hair transplantation. Infiniti hair Club dwell with experts who does <strong>hair replacement in Mumbai</strong>

    Our </strong>hair replacement in Mumbai</strong> is ultra fine, light and most of all – undetectable. It looks and feels so natural that You can run your fingers through the Hair System as you would do it through your hair. And the best is that this can also do someone else – and no one will spot the difference between your new hair and your original hair. Moreover You can pursue all of your activities like swimming, surfing, playing golf, riding your Harley or driving the convertible…)


    Kinds of hair replacement systems

    • Superfine monoThis system is made with under vent 100 % human hair, on a super fine mono net . This system’s net provides a breathable surface for proper ventilation to the skin underneath at the same times gives a perfectly natural look.
    • Superfine Mono PlusThis system is made with undervent 100% human hair on a superfine mono plus skin base net which provides proper ventilation to the skin under its surface and gives an undetectable look.
    • Wielded LaceThis system is made with 100% human hair. It comes with a net base which has medium pore system for good ventilation. This hair system gives an absolutely natural look.
    • Swiss Lace SystemThis system is made using a smooth base net which has a large pore system for extreme ventilation. It provides a completely natural look.
    • Front Lace SystemThis system is made with swiss lace base net, with large pores for extreme ventilation. Provides a natural looking scalp. Can be groomed as ones natural hair.

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