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    Surgical vs Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

    Hair transplant is a thing of the past. Did you know that these days 57% of men with hair loss issue go in for Non-Surgical hair replacement system and this number is only increasing by the day. People are getting aware of the risks involved in surgery and are opting for a simpler and safer procedure to get a head full of hair. Not only this, Non Surgical hair replacement is a lot faster with no downtime. After all in this fast-paced life who has the time to sit and waist on surgical recovery, to top it up consume unnecessary antibiotic and vitamins. Non-surgical hair replacement is not only safe , quick but also allows you a chance to explore with your look.

    Walk in to INFINTI HAIR CLUB with no hair and walk out with a head full of hair. Get the look you have always desired and get back the confidence that you were lacking..
    All this within a matter of an hour.

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